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Industrial Floor Coatings

Durable & Slip-Resistant Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial floors have to handle immense wear and tear throughout it’s lifetime. ClimaShield Floor Coatings uses a specialized formula specifically designed for these high wear, abrasive and demanding work environments. Our team works with you to provide a custom design and finish to provide you with the highest quality finish within your budget. 

Our industrial floor coatings are perfect for food processing plants, warehouses, factories, machine shops and other areas where slip resistance and high impact protection is required. Our floor durable and slip-resistance industrial floor coatings are the perfect solution to withstand harsh chemicals, heavy machinery, high impacts, water damage and more. 

Epoxy, Polyurea & Polyaspartic Industrial Flooring

Auto Repair Shop




Food Processing

Machine Shop


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Benefits of ClimaShield Industrial Floor Coatings


Protect employees with slip-resistant floors that can reduce the risk of falls.

High Durability

Protect against chemicals, water, heat, UV radiation, shock and more.


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Urethane Cement and Mortar Flooring System

Heavy Duty Flooring Solution

When your floors take a beating day in and day out you need something to withstand that exposure. Typically used in commercial or industrial settings, our mortar flooring system provides a durable floor that has top of the line impact, chemical and thermal resistance. 

Urethane mortar floor systems combine epoxy or urethane with sand and is then troweled in place. With a thickness between 1/8-3/8-inch, the coating will hide any imperfections or blemishes in your floor while strengthening it.

Best For These Scenarios:

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