Preparation & Application

Review what you can expect when you choose ClimaShield Floor Coatings for your next project. 


Step 1

We will schedule a phone call with you to ensure our floors are the right fit for your project and narrow down some of the specifics.

In-Person Consultation

Step 2

At our next meeting we will assess your garage, discuss coating types and your needs, go over the process, test for moisture and measurements.

Color/Texture Selection

Step 3

We may schedule another meeting to go over the final color selection, coating type and application to ensure your space is exactly how you want it.

Schedule the Install

Step 4

At this point, the estimate has been sent and approved and a deposit for the project has been given to us to begin. We will schedule our installation day with you at your convenience. We ask that everything is removed from your space prior to our arrival. If this is not done, delays may occur. 

Surface Clean & Prep

Step 5

We will remove any surface contaminates and grind down your floor to remove imperfections. After grinding, we will repair any cracks or breaks in the concrete surface and follow it up with another session of grinding to level it out. If we are installing a moisture barrier or contaminant treatment we will apply it.

Floor Installation

Step 6

We apply a resinous layer to broadcast our flakes or quartz. Once dry, (about 30 minutes) we remove excess flake/quartz and clean the surface. Lastly, we will apply a durable top coat finish which dries in 1-2 hours. In 4-6 hours it can take light foot traffic and it will be fully cured within 24-48 hours time.